Joe Satriani – Time Machine (1993) Full Album

Joe Satriani – Time Machine
Realese : 1993
Label: Relativity Records
Track List
Time Machine – Disc 1
1.Time Machine
2.The Mighty Turtle Head
3.All Alone
4.Banana Mango II
5.Thinking of You
7.Speed of Light
9.Dweller on the Threshold
10.Banana Mango
11.Dreaming #11
12.I am Become Death
13.Saying Goodbye
14.Woodstock Jam
Time Machine – Disc 2
1.Satch Boogie
2.Summer Song
3.Flying In A Blue Dream
5.The Crush Of Love
6.Tears In The Rain
7.Always With Me, Always With You
8.Big Bad Moon
9.Surfing With The Alien
12.Drum Solo
13.Lords Of Karma
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Pass : xperiamusic

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